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Grassy Weeds

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Seasonal grassy weeds are those grasses that germinate, grow, and then die off each year as the seasons change, i.e., crabgrass, poa annua. Green Machine does address these seasonal weeds, through the use of our pre-emergent treatments in our basic program. Pre-emergence create a protective barrier in the soil that prevents germination of these seasonal grasses. Although highly effective, the soil barrier can sometimes be disturbed or weakened, creating an opportunity for less than 100% control. Generally speaking, Green Machine’s timely applications of pre-emergence are all that are needed to provide thorough control over this type of grassy weeds.

Difficult grassy weeds and sedges are not affected by pre-emergence and therefore need to be addressed in another manner. There are several products out there that can be used to gain control, however; each of these products have restrictions on their effectiveness and controls are sometimes limited to seasonal windows of opportunity.

Here at Green Machine, we will take the time to identify specifically the problem weeds and the best course of action available to enhance your lawn’s appearance.